I can be personally contacted at There are men named JERRY Brackett and there are women named JERRI or Jeri or Gerri or Geri Brackett. Mick Jaggers ex-wife JERRY Hall was a girl Jerry but I'm a girl Jerri. Thank you.....AND GOOGLE STILL SAYS I LIVE IN PUEBLO, CO or New Mexico AND my OLD email address WAS NO LONGER MINE! I've also never "moved to sunny California!" (my comment was during a juried show when a painting sold on Opening Night in California 4 years ago) TO ORDER $5.00 PRINTS, ORDER ONLY THROUGH PAYPAL. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR NEEDED SUPPORT! I'll sign and number your ordered print in a journal, on the back of the 4" x 6" print. (visit ocassionally to see when I'll offer a 12 month color calendar!)